Chapter 2.6

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“Please, I must help right this!” Yik pleaded as Sam dragged him off the ship. They had limped to a nearby port with Yik’s ship still attached, and lost a week and a lot of fuel in the process. Mark watched the refueling while vortran joined them to turn the Mr’kana in to the authorities.

“I am turning you over, and then when you are safely locked away we’re going to try and make up all the time you lost us.”

Yik went limp, pleading and forcing Sam to drag him slowly along as passersby stopped to stare at the scene. Vortran lagged behind them even with the slow down, and suddenly stopped.

“Sam, I almost forgot with the crazy guy trying to murder you! The name!”

Sam stopped and let Yik fall to the ground, stepping on his arm to keep him from running, “What?”

“The… the kid… not your kid, the tech guy, his name… Shit… what was it again?”

“Sutter or something, Calvin.”

“Sutro, that’s right… the name rang a bell.”

“He’s just some techie kid. Where could you possibly…”

“Not him, but someone related to him… Sam I think your kid’s in real trouble, and it’s not the vagrant.”

Sam let up on Yik for a moment, and the Mr’kana sat up, but made no effort to move, instead listening with perked ears.

“Vortran what are you saying?”

“Well I don’t know what the vagrant has to do with all of this but that Calvin guy… his dad is a seller for the shifter fights. It’s all hushed up ‘cause they have money, but I checked and I’ve seen his father’s name all over some fighter stables.”

“You’re sure?” Sam scratched the side of his face, not really looking at anyone.

“Sutro isn’t a huge name, but it’s enough anybody in the know has heard of them.”

The next said of words out of Sam’s mouth got some angry looks from a nearby woman who hurried her children away from the strange trio.

“I have heard of them, I could help.” Yik said quietly. Sam stomped in a circle, rubbing his eyes.

“I’m guessing Mark doesn’t know about his buddy’s connections.”

“I could help you find them, and find the child.” Yik spoke a little louder and Vortran glanced at him.

“Do we tell him?” Vortran said.

“He may not be involved, it may be a terrible coincidence… but we should say something.” Sam pulled at his chin and frowned down at his feet, and Yik.

“I know where to find a Sutro!” Yik crawled over to Sam, tugging at his coat. Sam kicked him off.

“What are you yammering about?”

“I know where there is a Sutro, not father but other son. Stupid loudmouth son. He is embarrassing, but father sends him to fights to make friends.”

“You know how to find one of them? Why didn’t you say so sooner!?” Sam hauled Yik to his feet again and gripped his arm tightly. Yik let out a frustrated growl and gripped his own tail, biting it roughly.

“I say I can help, I can help!”

“Sam we gotta use this. If he’s lying we turn him in, but we have nothing else.” Vortran said.

“Nothing.” Yik repeated, wincing a little as Sam glared at him.

“Wait here. Watch him.” This last statement was directed at Vortran, and Sam strode away, returning several minutes later, “Any officer ANYWHERE catches you without one of us with you, you will be tossed in a cell until we come get you. I’ll call them off *after* me and my little girl are back together and this is over.”

“I will behave, no revenge until we save the girl.” Yik nodded enthusiastically.


“Do I want to know why he’s still with you?” Mark said, looking up from his spot at the table as they got back.

“I’ll fill you in after we find somewhere to put him.” Vortran said. Sam glowered at nobody in particular and headed for the controls.

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