Jessie could tell Misa hadn’t slept all night. He was staring off at the far end of the clearing while everyone ate. She sat next to Calvin and held a bit of meat up to his mouth, hoping the smell would make him react. He was propped up against a log again staring down at the ground. The three that had come with Misa were talking on one of the other logs and Jerret was seated a little ways away on the ground.

Jessie double-checked that nobody was looking and pulled down on Calvin’s chin a little. She managed to get a little food in and pushed his head up so he was looking at the sky. He had to eat soon or he’d starve, she knew that much. She leaned against him and could hear his heart beat and feel his breathing. She didn’t know how to make him do the rest though, to eat and survive. She squeezed her eyes shut and started purring, trying to comfort herself as much as him.

She was so focused on the sound she almost missed a bit of movement from Calvin. When she looked up at him he was still staring up at the sky, but she caught a glimpse of him swallowing. He blinked and for a moment she thought he would snap out of it, but nothing else happened. She looked around at the others, only Jerret was looking at them. He frowned at her and she climbed up on the log Calvin was leaning against, making her way over to him on her hands and knees.

“Mr. Jerret?” She squatted down next to him.

“Yes, kiddo?”

“We’re almost out of food again, can I go hunting with you this time?”

Jerret glanced over at Misa, who was still staring off into the distance, “I don’t think that’d be a good idea… you’re kind of young for hunting.”

“Well can we go catch more fish then?”

He frowned a little, “You’d have to ask your dad.”

Jessie looked over at Misa, and stood up, “Misa!” She called out loud enough to get everyone looking at her.

“What?” He looked half asleep even as he responded.

“Can I go fishing with Mr. Jerret?”

He looked from her to Jerret and then over at the others, “Take someone else with you too.”

“I will go fishing!” Yik sounded excited as he jumped up to volunteer. Sam shrugged and went back to staring off into space as the Mr’kana hurried over.

“Come on Mr. Jerret.” Jessie grabbed his arm and started tugging at him. He got up slowly and trailed behind as she and Yik headed for the pond. By the time he reached the shore Yik and Jessie were both in the shallows a few feet apart, staring down into the water.

“You catch?” Yik asked him. Jerret stood a few feet from the shore and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Catch, Mr. Jerret!” Jessie darted into the water and pulled something out, throwing it at him. He panicked and deflected the small fish, only picking it up off the ground afterwards.

“That is not how to catch.” Yik looked unimpressed.

“I’m not catching, I’ll just finish them off.” He pulled out a knife from somewhere and stabbed the fish in the head quickly. Jessie watched him pull string out from a pocket and cut the fish open. He hung it from a small branch and sat down next to it.

Yik caught the next fish a while later, and brought it to Jerret instead of tossing it at him. He had it hung up next to the first one just as efficiently. They continued like this for a few hours, until they had a branch full of fish and Jessie and Yik were completely soaked.

Yik held the branch up while Jerret used the same knife to cut all the fish down and tie them together.

“You will dull your knife like that.” Yik commented. Jerret wiped it off on his pant leg and put it away.

“It’s already pretty dull.” Jerret muttered. He carried the string of fish as they headed back. Nothing they had caught was as large as the one Jessie had brought back before, but it would be enough for the night.


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