Sam managed to get Jessie to sit still in the chair next to him just as his mother answered the call. Her hair was halfway bundled up in a bun, and she attempted to tidy it even as she answered.

“Sam? Where’s my granddaughter?”

“Hi Granny!” Jessie piped up, leaning into the monitor a little. Sam pushed her gently aside.

“Oh thank Gods, now you two need to come straight home as soon as possible. We’ve been worried sick.”

“Mother we still have to deal with the others. Can you call Hedgy and ask him to bring a tow? The other ship’s got a fried computer and we can’t support seven people in mine.”

“Of course. I take it the person behind this is contained?” She glanced at Jessie as she worded her question.

“He’s… indisposed. Something happened with the ship and he’s not really responsive now.”

“Mr. Calvin is sad cause his ship died.” Jessie started fiddling with something underneath her shirt as she spoke.

“He may not be fit to stand trial… at least not right now.” Sam put a hand on Jessie’s so she’d stop fidgeting.

“It’s only a matter of time Samuel, that whole monstrous family will pay.”

“Not a monster.” Jessie mumbled, pulling her feet up onto the chair. Sam frowned at her.

“I don’t mean actually monsters, dear. I just mean they’re bad people.” His mother smiled a little.

“He’s… he’s not…” Sam could see tears welling up in her eyes and she pulled the pendant out, shoving it at him.

“Jess, what’s-” She didn’t give him a chance to finish his question, dropping the pendant in his lap and sliding off the chair and out of the room.

“Well that was unexpected… she seems a bit attached to this fellow despite everything. Is that the same pendant from her parents?”

“It can’t be… this one’s not broken.” Sam activated it and furrowed his brow at the file that displayed on the far wall.

“What does it say? I can’t see it Samuel.”

Sam didn’t respond at first, focused on reading the text, “Get Hedgy headed our way, I need to talk to Jessie about this.”

“Samuel don’t hang-” Her voice was cutoff as he ended the call. He got up and went out into the hall. For a terrifying moment he thought she had run off again, until he heard a sniffle coming from the kitchen. She was huddled in the corner under the table, and buried her face in her knees when he came in.

“Jess, what is this?” He held the pendant out to her.

“It’s my pendant.” Her voice was muffled by fabric.

“Are you sure? It’s not broken.”

“Mr. Calvin fixed it. I was gonna show you last night so you wouldn’t hurt Mr. Calvin but I got stuck in the river.”

“He might’ve changed it… or it might be a different one.”

Jessie didn’t respond and he decided against pressing the issue, “Well as soon as Hedgy gets here and the other guy shows up again we’re going to get out of here and then we’ll sort this all out, okay?”

She didn’t move from under the table so he left her there and headed back to the other ship.


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