Jessie woke up to a quiet, dark ship. She quietly slipped out of bed, keeping an eye on the Pascal, who didn’t wake up. In the hallway she could hear Mr. Jerret snoring softly in Mr. Calvin’s room. The Mr’Kana that had rescued her had rolled up with his face pressed against the wall. His tail twitched as she tiptoed past him but he didn’t wake up either. The officer from the other ship was asleep at the controls. Inside the cell room Mr. Calvin was laying down again, though she couldn’t tell if he was asleep since he faced the wall.

Misa was sleeping in the other cell, his mouth open a little like Granny always warned him about. She shifted in front of his cell and grabbed her shirt in her teeth, carefully climbing up into the slot for food. It was a tight fit and she had to turn backwards and pull the shirt through. She shifted back again, dressed, and curled up next to Misa, resting her head on his arm. The familiar smell and the beating of his heart lulled her back to sleep so fast she didn’t feel him put his arm around her.


Jerret woke up fiercely hungry and instinctively went into the kitchen first, finding some cold meat to quiet his stomach. Once hunger was no longer a concern his brain snapped back to the issue at hand and he nearly choked on the bit he was chewing. He whirled out into the hallway and checked her room. The only occupant was a decidedly unconscious pascal, tangled up in several blankets. His heart raced as he stepped over the Mr’Kana and headed for the front door. A glance at the cell room stopped him and he exhaled heavily as he saw her in the cell with the crazy man from the other night.

The man was awake and noticed him right away, gesturing for him to open the cell. Jerret frowned at him and continued chewing his breakfast. The man gestured to Jessie, who was sleeping against him. Jerret raised and eyebrow and gestured to Calvin in the other cell. The man shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. Jerret swallowed and pointed at Jessie, then at his own eyes and back at the man. The man nodded and Jerret opened the cell reluctantly.

“It gets so stuffy in these things, especially with two people.” He didn’t get up immediately, instead stretching his legs out over the threshold of the cell, “I don’t want to wake her up just yet.”

“Just so we’re clear, you’re leaving him alone.” Jerret pointed at Calvin. The man looked at Calvin and shrugged.

“I got what I wanted, but he’s getting arrested. I even brought a cop for that.”

“Fine by me.” Jerret turned to head out of the ship now that the storm seemed over.

“Hold on, where are you going?” The man asked.

“Out.” Jerret left before anybody else could bother him and crossed the muddy clearing to the ruins of his fire pit. If the rain would let up for a few days he could probably restore it. He stopped and looked back at the ship. They would probably want to leave as soon as possible, and they might not miss a random vagrant. He shifted and trotted off into the woods away from both ships.


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