Jerret was asleep that night when the noise of a ship flying overhead invaded his dreams. He turned over and grunted restlessly. Calvin didn’t even notice, his mind still lost to wherever it had gone with the lightning strike.

Jessie was awake. She had gone to sleep early and woken up to the dark and quiet ship. The noise of the ship overhead startled her and she hurried out into the hall. She tried to wake Jerret but there was no response from the room when she knocked. Calvin didn’t seem to realize she was there even. She stepped out into the cold night air, barefoot, and shivered at the cold mud. The sound of the ship was fading so she hurried in what she hoped was the right direction.

The other ship had landed several minutes walk away, in another clearing. She followed the sound of it’s engines through some heavy brush. This wasn’t Misa’s ship, she’d never seen it before. The door opened and it took her a moment to recognize the security officer from the other ship. He was blocking the doorway and gesturing angrily at someone inside the ship. Misa’s face appeared over his shoulder, trying to push past. Jessie started to approach them but stopped just short of entering the clearing. They were shouting, and she couldn’t make out what they were saying. She could make out the gun in Misa’s hand though.

Misa didn’t carry weapons unless he meant to hurt someone. Jessie turned on her heels and started running back to the other ship. The mud made her slip a couple times and she was covered in dirt and debris by the time she made it back to the ship.

“Mr. Jerret!” She beat on his door frantically until he opened it finally, blinking drowsily.

“What is it? It’s the middle of the-”

“Misa’s coming but he’s got a gun I think he’s gonna hurt Mr. Calvin!” She rattled the sentence out so quickly the words blended together a little.

“Slow down, what about Calvin? Who’s coming?”

“You have to stop Misa from hurting Mr. Calvin! He doesn’t know!”

“Kiddo you’re not making sense, did you have a bad dream or something?”

Jessie took a deep breath finally and slowed down a tiny bit. “Misa and the officer from the ship are coming but I think Misa’s gonna hurt Mr. Calvin but if I show him something I think he won’t but I have to go find it but he’s coming so please keep him from hurting Mr. Calvin till I come back.”

“People are here? On this planet?” Jerret looked awake finally.

“Promise me you’ll keep Mr. Calvin safe till I get back!” Jessie was getting impatient, they might be here any moment. Jerret shook his head a little.

“If they’re gonna hurt someone I’m in just as much danger as Calvin. I need to-”

“Misa won’t hurt you because you didn’t do anything bad so please keep Mr. Calvin safe!” Jessie pouted at him and he made a face like he’d just eaten rotten food.

“I…” He tilted his head back against the wall and sighed, “Fine. Hurry.” He followed her out to the door as she ran back outside and sat in the doorway.


Jerret watched Jessie disappear into the woods at the far end of the clearing. Whatever she was running off to do, he didn’t feel safe sitting out in the open. As the minutes inched by he began to wonder if she really had been dreaming all of this. A twig snapped off to his left and his head snapped in that direction automatically. He could faintly hear raised voices in that direction now, and he stood up in the doorway.

“-just going to deal with him and then we can take off again.” An unfamiliar voice rang out as two men entered the clearing. Jerret recognized the security guard from the ship they’d been kidnapped from, but the other man was new and armed. He waved a gun around in the air for emphasis.

“We need to take him in to the police.” The officer seemed as uncomfortable with the gun’s presence as Jerret felt.

“That sounds like way more work than my plan.” The man stopped gesturing as he spotted Jerret in the doorway, “Is that him?” He pointed his weapon at Jerret rather carelessly.

“No… that’s the other guy.” The officer tried to push the gun down towards the ground but the man shook him off.

“Where are the others?” The man called out to Jerret, who backed into the doorway a bit more for cover.

“Kid’s run off to find something, should be back soon. Calvin’s inside.”

“See? I can just hop in there, shoot him, and then we can grab Jessie when she comes back and go.”

“Where’d she go?” The officer called out.

“I don’t know, she wanted me to stay here and make sure Calvin’s safe.” Jerret fought the urge to shut the door and lock himself inside. The man with the gun seemed dangerous, and trapping himself in a metal box wasn’t the best escape plan.

“Safe?” The man seemed unhappy with Jerret’s response, but let the gun fall to his side at least.

“Seemed to think somebody wants to hurt him.” Jerret’s heart sank a little as he could see a Mr’kana and a Pascal appear behind the other two. The Mr’kana hefted a fallen branch over his head and cracked the man with the gun upside the head. The man crumpled to the ground immediately and the officer knelt down to check his vitals.

“Gods, Yik!” The Pascal shouted, punching the Mr’kana in the side, “I said stop him, not kill him!”

“He’s not dead, but he’s out cold.” The officer picked the gun up from where it had landed and checked it before tucking it away carefully.

“You say stop, I stop.” The Mr’kana hissed at the Pascal.

“Um…” Jerret wasn’t sure what he wanted to say as the three turned to him.

“Don’t suppose you have somewhere we can keep him out of trouble?” The officer asked, warily.

Jerret studied them for a moment. Nobody was pointing a weapon at him anymore, and the officer was the only one who seemed wary of him. He suppressed a sigh and stepped out of the doorway . “There’s a spare cell inside as long as you leave Calvin alone till the kid get’s back.”

The other’s nodded their consent and hauled the unconscious man inside, locking him in the cell next to Calvin.


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