Jerret woke up after Jessie, and felt his heart stop for a moment when he realized she was gone and the door was wide opened. She popped up from behind a newly fallen tree and waved at him as he frantically searched from the doorway.

“Don’t go too far, I need to make sure it’s safe out there after the storm.” He called out to her, but she simply shrugged and disappeared behind the tree again. Jerret looked in on Calvin, who sitting in the cell staring blankly at the wall. The man didn’t seem to notice him enter or mind being in the cell, so Jerret left him there for the time being.

Everything was muddy, and the falling trees and debris had ruined the fire pit he’d made. The wood was all too wet to use anyway, but he spread it out on top of the logs hoping it would dry by the time they needed it. There were a few clouds still hovering overhead but the storm seemed to be finished. His feet sunk as he walked through the clearing, surveying the damage. A few trees were damaged but none looked ready to fall, so he turned his attention to the ship. The rain had made it settle a bit lower in the dirt, and there was a burn mark and some warped metal on one side.

If lightning had hit the ship it would probably take a lot longer for Calvin to fix. He went back inside and opened the cell, hauling the man to his feet again. Calvin didn’t exactly fall back down, but he made no effort to move in any direction until Jerret hauled him towards the control room. The moment they approached the door the screaming started again and Jerret gave up quickly, instead pulling Calvin outside so he would calm down. He set the man by one of the logs where he could keep an eye on him and sat down in the doorway to think.

They would be alright for a few days if the refrigeration held up and if there weren’t any more big storms he could keep them from starving. He couldn’t do much about variety but it was better than nothing. The signal was probably not going out if the ship was dead. He could only hope Calvin would get his act together or that someone had heard it already.

“Mr. Jerret?” Jessie’s voice startled him out of his thoughts and she leaned against the ship.


“What’s wrong with Mr. Calvin?” She gestured to the man, who hadn’t moved from where Jerret had left him, despite the mud slowly seeping over his feet.

“I have no idea. Aren’t you mad at him anyways?”

Jessie pursed her lips and tugged at her shirt a little, “Not that much… and I fixed that problem.” She looked down at the mud around her feet.


“Mhmm.” Jessie crawled past him back into the ship and disappeared into her room before he could ask any more questions.


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