Jessie blinked sleepily and moaned a little as the lights in her room turned on suddenly. She buried her head in the pillow until the sound of the door opening got her attention.

“C’mon kiddo, you need to buckle in for landing.”

“We’re landing?” Her mind slowly started up and she sat up, dangling her legs off the bed.

“Yeah and it’s gonna be a bit rough so you need to buckle up in the control room.”

“But I’m tired, I want to stay in bed.”

“You can go back to bed once we land, come on.”

Jessie got up reluctantly and followed him to the control room. Calvin was occupying the only other chair in the room and already strapped in. He gave her a nervous smile that quickly faded as she frowned at him. Jerret helped her fasten the seatbelts.

“You’d better get ready too, it’s gonna be fast.” Calvin said as an alarm started flashing on one of the screens.

“What about you? You need a chair too.” Jessie asked as Jerret headed for the door.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll manage.” He shut the door behind him and was gone. Jessie looked back over at Calvin as the ship started beeping in alarm. He was focused on the screens with a grim look on his face.

The safety harness felt gigantic on her and Jessie sank down in it, shutting her eyes and willing time to pass faster. The atmosphere made the ship shudder and groan, a low rattling getting louder in her ears until it was almost deafening. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter, whimpering a little. Landings weren’t usually frightening but this one seemed wrong somehow. The first impact left her weightless and floating a bit in the harness. For a panicked second she thought she might float loose. The second impact was enough to bounce her against the seat and the third felt more like a normal landing bump.

Calvin pulled his hands away from the console as if it were on fire and unbuckled himself quickly.

“Can you get yourself out?” He was focused on the door instead of Jessie but caught her silent nod and darted into the hallway. She unhooked the harness and  slid out of the seat, peaking down the hallway. The room Jerret slept in was lit up and Calvin was just inside the door. She crept up behind him in time to see Jerret popping his shoulder back into place. Misa had had to do that for her once, when she fell out of a tree. She winced, remember how much that had hurt. Jerret seemed relatively unphased and squeezed past them to the door outside.

The ship opened with a groan and Jerret dropped down a couple feet to the ground below. They were surrounded by forest except for the large gouges of land the ship had churned up. Jessie hopped down after him and breathed in the fresh air as Jerret headed out into the woods.

“Where are you going?” Calvin called after him.

“I’m getting us some real food, just work on fixing the ship.” He disappeared into the thick trees as Jessie found a fallen tree to sit on.

“Stay by the ship, okay?” Calvin called out to Jessie. She nodded silently, refusing to look at him. He left the door open as he retreated inside but the last thing she wanted now was to be back in that ship.


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