Sam was in significantly better spirits as he and Mark organized the supplies inside the ship. Vortran and Yik moved the last boxes inside and Vortran retreated to her room to get some sleep. The hold was too small for three people to effectively work, so Yik sat in the kitchen in silence while the others finished. When Sam came in and sat across from him he tensed visibly and had to stop himself from growling.

“One more week and we’re done with this hopefully.” Sam said, setting his elbows on the table.

“Then revenge.”

“Sure, but try and keep it aimed at the right person this time.”

Yik looked down at his hands guiltily, “This will not happen again.”

“I’m glad to hear that, because if this did happen again…” Sam leaned back and looked at Yik thoughtfully. Neither said anything for a while, until Yik made eye contact again.

“Should you not be flying the ship?”

“I set autopilot, this thing can take off real smooth if you let it. Besides you’re the only one of this motley crew I have yet to have a conversation with.”

“I do not wish to have a conversation with you, I am trying to kill you.” Yik hissed a little as he spoke.

“Yeah, your sister explained that a bit. I didn’t even recognize you until she mentioned the dessert incident.” Sam leaned forward again and his chair creaked, “In fact I get the feeling that was the only reason she wanted to talk to me.”

Yik frowned but said nothing.

“You could just give up and go home, I’m sure there’s a million jobs you could do. Hell the military would probably take you back if you wanted.” Sam grinned slightly as Yik’s frown grew deeper, “That bad huh?”

“I told them I do not want to be an officer, they keep saying it is a great honor and I should be glad. They do not understand honor, the fools.”

“Yeah… it sounds like they screwed up royally with you. Do you know what I actually said to them?”

“They said you said to make me in charge.”

“I just told them that if they didn’t want to fight against you again they should hold on to you…”

Yik’s frown lightened a bit but he didn’t respond.

“If I had known they would decide to fast track you…” Sam scratched his chin thoughtfully, “I would’ve shot you in the head when I had a chance and considered it a mercy.”

This comment caught Yik off guard and he sat up a little straighter, “You had a shot?”

“I had three… the last one was when I saw your sister talking to you and realized she might be able to talk you down.”

“Do you want me to thank you?” Yik gave him a suspicious look. Sam shook his head slowly.

“I just wanted to let you know what I actually said. Anyways I think I need some rest. How about you keep an eye on things for a shift?” Sam stood up and stretched a little, popping his neck. Yik stood up as well.

“You trust me to fly the ship?”

“I trust the auto-pilot to fly the ship…” Sam gave him a half a grin again, “I trust you not to try and murder us all in our sleep. At least not yet.” With that he retreated into his room and shut the door, leaving Yik to take a position in the control room. The ship moved silently through space towards its destination.


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