Sam was nonplussed at the lack of information and spent the time waiting for the sun to set glowering at the computer. Yik and Vortran sat in the kitchen nervously, their silence only interrupted by Mark making a sudden appearance.

“So we should know where to go soon, huh?” He sat down next to Vortran heavily, but looked slightly less exhausted than before.

“Yeah… with any luck we’ll catch up with them quick and get this whole mess sorted out.”

“Then revenge.” Yik piped up suddenly, growling a little as he spoke.

“Shut up about your revenge. I’m sure Sam didn’t mean whatever he did to you, he’s just really…”

“Self-absorbed?” Mark offered. Yik nodded a little at this.

“I was looking for dense… but honestly self-absorbed might be nicer. He doesn’t always notice how he affects the world around him.” Vortran stared down at her third coffee.

“That is no excuse. It is important to take responsibility for your actions… that is why we hunt for his friend.” Yik gestured at Mark, who winced a little.

“Maybe you should go back to not talking Yik, at least until we go to that meeting.” Vortran gave Mark an apologetic half-smile and shrugged.

“It’s fine… I’m ready to get this over with. Only way I can get answers is to find them anyway.” Mark stood up again and got his own cup of coffee.

“As soon as we know how far we have to go we’ll resupply and head out. You should probably get some rest though. Don’t know what’s going to be waiting for us.” Vortran checked the time again and stood up. Yik took that as a signal and slid out of his own chair, heading for the door. Mark watched the two of them leave the room and sat down again. Something told him sleep would be a pointless endeavor at this point.


Matther’s was waiting for them, with a cheerful grin on his face that might have been aided by several empty bottles in front of him. He waved them over and ordered a round.

“I have spoken to my father, and have fantastish-” He shook his head, “-tic, news. He is very willing to part with both the fighter and the little one for a steal.” He pushed a bottle towards each of them and Yik downed his, while Vortran took only a small sip. He also passed them a small screen with the info on it. Vortan nearly choked at the price and looked up at Yik nervously, but he merely glanced at it and nodded.

“I can transfer half now, half when they are delivered?” Yik gestured for another drink. Matther’s blinked a little slowly, as if he’d suddenly discovered he was underwater and wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

“Yesh, I suppose that’s sh-tandard.” He spit the last word out and Vortran winced at the spray.

“Then a toast to a new and fruitful partnership?” Yik held his bottle up and Matther’s managed to mimic the gesture shortly. The young man had clearly celebrated too much already and downing this final bottle left him too unfocused to do more than tilt his head as Yik stood, “We must get going to arrive on time… it was a pleasure doing business.”

“Sh-sh… sure” Matther’s made a half-hearted attempt to stand and seemed relieved when Yik leaned down to shake his hand.

“Did you receive the other half-compliment from your father?” Yik asked, leaning in close.

“He was so happy, he wants me to come home and celebrate when it’s done… He wants me to be around…” Matther’s looked ready to start blubbering until Yik whispered something in his ear. His looked changed to a mild confusion but he didn’t move as Yik took the information and lead the way out of the building. Vortran followed him and waited until they were mostly to the ship to speak up.

“What did you say to him?”

 “What I thought he needed to hear.” Yik replied, handing Vortran the information, “I will order supplies while you tell the others.”


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